Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

This morning I woke up and remembered that it's $3 to get into the fair with three canned goods.  Next Wednesday I will be in Houston for work and after that we will just be entering Crazy Town with our schedules.  This felt like the time for a spontaneous trip to the fair!
I love how much Eliot LOVED these barnyard animals! He wasn't nervous at all (not like him) to feed all of them.  Even after the zebra bit him.  Aren't those baby piggies cute?!

I love many things about this little girl and it would take my whole blog post to list them.  I will focus on her eyebrow.  She can cock that eyebrow so quickly with such emphasis and ease.  I'm very jealous actually.  She WAS a little nervous (they somehow switched roles) about the feeding of these animals and it was hilarious to watch.

In the children's section of the fair, there is a pretend farm and the kids get to plant a seed, "feed animals", drive a tricycle tractor,  "pick peaches", "milk a cow", etc.  Most of it was pretend but Eliot got the biggest kick out of it!

After the barnyard animal fun, pretend farm, and was time for a little break.  The fair can be exhausting!

The big greenhouse has waterfalls and trains which happen to be a lovely (air conditioned) combination.  Eliot honestly could have stayed in this exhibit for hours.  If you notice, his new thing is to cross his arms and wait patiently for something.  He never looks happy about it which always makes me giggle.

I mean....

RIDES! Last year he wanted to ride but when it started he was immediately asking to get off.  This year he at least waited a whole two minutes before asking to get down.  Once he discovered the tractors above, he was GIDDY.  He was sad when it was over and just squealed and smiled the whole way through.  So proud of him and realizing that maybe in two or three years we MIGHT consider Disney World. I know.

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