Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Me

image by Simple Mom

My good friend Laura let me borrow the book The Happiness Project which I have been completely engrossed in.  The author decides to do a year long "project" of discovering and acting out what makes her happy.  She sets twelve commandments for herself and I have decided to start my own. 

Here is my first:


I am a master at procrastinating.  Even the tiniest, easiest task I will put off as long as possible.  Washing that oversized dish that doesn't fit in the dishwasher, getting my driver's lisence renewed (not so tiny and easy), getting out all of my summer clothes (still haven't done) and so on.

I believe this commandment will cause me to have a cleaner, clutter free environment.  I also think it will erase some guilt and frustration that comes with the endless cylce of putting things off.

What would one of your commandments be?

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