Sunday, November 3, 2013


I love our neighborhood but I really love it at Halloween! It's so fun to see everyone and the kids' costumes.  And I know they're so proud to show them off!!

Eliot was a construction worker at his school carnival but decided to be a butterfly for Halloween.  Thanks so much Ms. Chalyce for the last minute wings!! 

Our neighborhood elementary school's staff came to our party and it was so fun to meet the different teachers and coaches that love on those sweet kids.  We hope to partner with them more often to help them in their efforts in making a great learning environment for these littles.

Eliot and Embry selfie (right after Eliot's GARGANTUAN meltdown ..see last pic)

The dads with their monkeys

Our sweet neighbor Candis who threw the big shindig in her yard, had some coloring crafts and Eliot loved coloring the friendly ghost.  This proved to be a wonderful activity for my introverted child who needed some alone time!

We had a great setup thanks to many neighbors who participated.  It seems to get bigger every year so I cannot WAIT to see next year's!!


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