Friday, September 26, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor

I saw a news story the other day that has nothing to do with neighbors, but this woman admitted that in this scenario she met her neighbor for the first time.  She had been living in the neighborhood for YEARS. 
This absolutely baffles me.  How sad to not know the people living their lives RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.  I love my street and my wonderful neighbors that love on us.  We live in a diverse neighborhood that has all walks of life, all age groups, all college football teams covered (those flags wave high come football season, y'all) etc. and I'm so glad that Eliot is getting to know these folks. 
If you have two eyes and have perused my social networking sites you have noticed a little girl that makes many appearances in my feeds.  Her name is Embry and she lives down the street from us with her wonderful parents Cori and Jacob.  The path between our  houses is WORN.  I have so many other stories of families that I can share that have watched us move in, get involved in our community, have a baby, and the like. 
I seriously hope that WHEREVER you live, you know at least a few people that are doing life several feet from your front door.  I am so blessed by my people and know you could be too.
Just call me Kimmy Gibbler,

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