Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Gallery Wall: Phase 1

We have done it.  We now have a gallery wall.  It's by no means, finished but it is UP y'all! 

When I got married my mom gave me wonderful marriage advice.  She actually gave a lot of tidbits but THIS one made sense to me.  Probably because I witnessed it firsthand in hers.  

Do not, under any circumstance, wallpaper your bathroom together. 

Fair enough.  One of the first things we did in our house was get rid of the FLORIDA THEMED wallpaper that the previous owner put up specifically for the new owners.  How sweet.  The flamingos matched the pink tile, she said.  I did not hesitate to call a guy to come and take down the old and put up the new.  And it worked! We are still married.  

Now, I will give that advice and this advice to Eliot if he gets married...

Don't do a gallery wall with your wife.  Especially if one of you is very, very tired.

I don't know what possessed us but we decided to finally get our wall done the DAY after Patrick got back from Africa.  It got done and there was only one argument but I wouldn't suggest it again.  And according to all the women of instagram that follow me, they just wait until their husbands are out of town.  I bought a rug while mine was in Africa so I totally get that thinking.

My tactic for arranging gallery wall

Doing house projects with a three year old hanging around is so much fun.  I have serious attention issues so to stop in the middle of the project and have a pizza, ice cream, egg picnic?? YES, PLEASE.

Patrick does NOT have attention issues but was so gracious to stop and play with E several times.

I mean.....

Here it is!! The gold frames now have spray painted white mattes and different prints (well, one of them) and so I will have to blog again (hopefully soon) what the FINAL project looks like.

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