Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Eliot: 3.5

Oh sweet Eliot,
You are now three and half years and I cannot believe it.  You're such a sweet, tall, gangly little mess of a boy and it is not possible to love you any more!
You are so inquisitive and constantly curious.  Just curious about EVERYTHING.  You have asked us where God comes from and I don't think I could be prepared to answer that ever, but was NOT expecting it this soon.  You will not take "I don't know" for answer even if we truly, literally do not know.  Which let me just apologize here and say you were not blessed with high IQ parents so you might be a little disappointed with our answers for a while. 
You are in the mode of thinking you are SO big and SO strong and any mention of you being my precious baby or having a tiny bottom just sends you into an emotional state (check out my video on Instagram to witness this conundrum for yourself).   You want to rescue everyone and help everyone and it's just the cutest.  Oh, and when you're in this "mode" your voice lowers several octaves and I pull out my college theatre knowledge to keep a straight face.
You are still a very cautious child (all thirty pounds of you) but seem to be getting braver about things.  I personally love having a cautious child as we don't need to add to our number of ER visits, but am so proud when you conquer something yourself like a bounce house full of rambunctious children or COTTON CANDY.
Speaking of cotton candy, you had your first taste of it and do you know what you did?? You took the treat off of the paper cone like a bow on a present and handed it to your dad.  You then put the cone to your lips and tipped your head back to "drink" whatever candy was in it.  PRICELESS.  Once you figured out that the candy was the fluffy stuff you got excited and immediately knowledgeable and killed it.  YOU.LOVE.SUGAR. (That's my baby.)

Eliot you are so smart and sweet.  Space, dinosaurs, chickens hatching from eggs (for some odd reason), and cooking have captured your attention.  I thank school for this entirely.  They introduce you to new delightful subjects every day and you latch onto them. 

(Eliot's impression of a chick hatching)
Here are some of your interests:
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Drink: water
Favorite Show: Mighty Machines
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
Favorite Color: Yellow
Halloween Costume (bc I know this will change): a ghost
Favorite Toy: Train Table
Best Friend: Embry
"I just want to watch my show, Mom. Quit looking at me and asking questions."
Okay! So there you go. 
E, you're the best thing that has ever happened to us. 
Mom and Dad

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