Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire Truck Follow Up

Eliot has now gotten a lot better in the fears department.  We are sleeping through the night (even though his new wake up time is 5:30-6 and it is kicking my TAIL).  

I mentioned on Friday of last week going to the fire station as our fun activity and he went rigid and freaked out.  There was no amount of reassuring to make it better so  I folded.  I'm glad though because he didn't need his memory to be freshened, I'm thinking.  

He still likes to dress up as a fireman with his costume Lovey and Pops got him.  He can still talk about the good that firemen do.  He can explain what every part of a fire truck does and why.  SO! I'm thinking we are okay for now.  

We will see!  

Until then, we are watching Tow Mater's Tall Tales on DVD AROUND THE CLOCK.  


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