Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Poop Chronicles: Chapter I

**disclaimer - If you cannot handle potty talk please move on to another post.  
Thank you, and good day!

We are currently in a stage of potty training where Eliot is eager and excited to go #1 in the potty.  He now goes by himself, flushes, washes his hands..the whole nine yards.

However, when it comes to the other action, there is an apparent mental block.  There is a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth and that is just HIS DAD AND ME.  We've tried all the "solutions" that are running through your head right this minute (I have heard them all.)  His teachers are saying it's time to quit giving him a diaper to go #2 in when he requests it.  This has been our tactic for MONTHS.  Therefore, our evenings are almost like having a newborn again.  Instead of the "witching hour", it is the "pooping hour".  

The urge usually strikes him at dinner or during bath.  He is laughing and giggling and oh my goodness the TALKING.  Then all of the sudden, you see it go across his face.  He has to GO.  It's actually very hard for me to not to laugh.  Okay, I admit, sometimes we just laugh.  He starts standing on tip toe, whimpering, crying, holding his bottom and then precedes to lie down on the couch.  For some reason this "helps".  I wouldn't know. I go to the restroom.  

He begs and pleads for a diaper like a addict demanding for just one more hit.  He assures us it's the last time! I'll go to the potty next time! Just give me a diaper! Mmmmmm..hmmmmmm.

So all last week, I made him tough it out.  No diaper.  He finally just figured out how to hold it until he gets his nighttime diaper.  Sometimes he just can't, so dinner and bath time happen in a matter of seconds.  Literally.  Fine by me. 

After a week of this, I caved.  I can hear my mother in law saying now, "He won't walk across the kindergarten graduation stage in a poopy diaper."  I don't think that's the issue.  The REAL issue is, "Would I be okay with my child walking across the kindergarten graduation stage in a diaper??" 
And the answer right now is yes.  YES PLEASE. I can't take this anymore.  He's a first and only child and I'm trying too hard right? OF COURSE, RIGHT.  This makes me feel better and this is what I'm sticking with.  

For now.....

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