Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toddler Therapy: Part I

My poor baby is having a breakdown due to fear.
Let me start from the beginning....
Our street experienced a horrific house fire last week.  Thankfully everyone got out safe (four girls..mom was at work) and the neighborhood has rallied like no other to get them the things and money that they need to carry on. 
We were home when the fire occurred and of course we experienced the fire trucks, their sirens, and the smoke.  Since Eliot has a love for all things fire trucks, we thought we could take him to our front window and see them.  By the time the last truck went by, our almost three year old was having a complete meltdown.  He was trembling, screaming, crying, frozen on the couch.  It was totally overwhelming to him and he refused to see that the fire trucks were being Really Useful. 
Since then, he has been scared of everything with a motor that goes down our street.  He will stop in his tracks, ask for his "cease" (comfort blankie) and request that you stand next to him for the unforeseeable future.
This is also a nighttime routine and y'all we are at a loss.  We've tried comforting him, reassuring him, reasoning with him, rocking him, lying on his floor...
And we are stretched thin. 
So! I asked around his school and his lovely director suggested a "mommy and me" field trip to the fire station.  I do not think I will tell him of this until we pull up in the parking lot.  :/  I am praying for God to send peace to this child and to his parents and we shall see what the field trip does on Friday!
to be continued....

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