Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear Eliot: You Are Two

Dear Eliot,

You are now TWO.  I cannot believe I am writing this as I remember every detail about your first birthday party.  What I wore, what you wore, what we ate, how I decorated etc.  Good thing too, because we didn't have a party for your two year birthday.  Don't you worry, you got to celebrate in big ways with Annie and Granddad coming early and you getting to go to Lovey and Pops' house in MS for your actual, special day. 

Since I haven't done one of these in FOREVER, please forgive my lengthiness.  You will understand at a very young age that moms like to gush, and record, and savor so here goes:

Thomas the Tank Engine
trucks, backhos, cars (police, taxi, race)
shopping cart and groceries
train table
puppy and Kermit
"Thanks Mama/Dada!"
"Hold you, please"
"Isn't that cool?"/"That's cool!"
"Wow! That's pretty!"
"How about.....(usually something you want that you can't have/do)"
"Go peepee in the potty?" (my new favorite!)
"Eliot do it!"
"Mommy, make a soozie?" (smoothie)
"Hold my hand, please"
"I love you, Dada/Mama" (MUST record this soon)
and Granddad's favorite...."Fly on the airplane, go to Granddad's house?"
You also have brought to life every object around our house as "they" all have feelings.  You apologize to things you bump into and when you feel "they" are scared or nervous you tell them, "It's okay _______" over and over while playing with them. Very, very sweet.  Except when we also have to tell them goodnight and/or kiss them.
You are definitely two, yep, there is no doubting it.  You are very independent but yet very needy and we have to guess what you're feeling at that SECOND.  And we're usually wrong.  Thankfully you want to do things most of the time that help us out and I'm kind of glad I don't have to do them anymore.  Loading you in the car, buckling your car seat, feeding you, pulling up/down your pants, brushing your hair, washing you in the tub and speaking of pants...

This is in our front yard.  I turned around and you were walking down the sidewalk like this.  I guess I would rather you do this now than in your 40's.

I'm sure you are going to be in a big bed soon but for now you LOVE your crib.  You ask to "play"  night-night and sometimes you'll just sit in there and play while I clean your room...again. 

black eye peas
any bean
hummus (You will dip raw broccoli in it! Proud moment for me for sure.)
potatoes made in any shape or form
fish (especially Dad's grilled salmon)
most all fruits
pirate's booty
banana chips
NOT dried apricots...that was a really funny face
and the obvious chocolate, cake, cookies, donuts, kalaches, chips, and all junk that your Mama and Dada treasure


You are in the 95% for head circumference, 86% for height, and 42% for weight.  And that's why I lovingly call you my String Bean Bobble Head.  Couldn't ask for anything cuter!!

I love this face. It is the perfect combo of your daddy and me. Concerned, with an underbite. Yep, we are lookers. Aren't you lucky?
There are so many more things that I could add on here that you have said and done but let's not get obnoxious.  We can include it in another post!   Oh! And one more thing.  Wheels on the bus and the Thomas and Friends theme songs are.your.JAMS.  You can't resist dancing to them and when they come on, you give us a very serious look and tell us "I need to get down." You mean off the couch but we like to pretend you're referring to your dancing.  And don't you worry my little friend.  I have it on YouTube as I'm already working on your montage for your rehearsal dinner entertainment.
We love you, Sweets!

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