Thursday, January 31, 2013

E and E

Eliot and I watch a precious little girl Evie every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  Eliot and Evie's relationship is like...well......tolerance.  However, lately Eliot has accepted his Tuesday/Thursday fate and will sometimes "play" with Evie.  It's very cute really.

Here they are playing "doctor".  Don't worry, I kept a close watch on them.  I'm no fool.  I've been a playground monitor for preschoolers and I have on many occasions screamed at the top of my lungs, "Summerlin and Campbell (these are the kind of names you scream in Northeast Jackson)  put your clothes back on, get out of the tunnel, and QUIT PLAYING DOCTOR!"  But this was cute.  And very supervised.

So many things here.  Let's start with Evie.  How cute is she in the background??  Second, is my child's obsession with lining all of his vehiculars up.  In the bathtub he lines up all the boats, cars, trains, and trucks on the edge of the tub.  In our living room he lines up his big toys...the bulldozers, thomas the trains, etc.  I love to think that he's going to be neat (he DEFINITELY did not get that from me, right Ma?!?) but I hope he isn't afraid someday to get totally messy.  Today is not that day but maybe someday.


  1. Can Eliot please come line things up at our house? We could use the help!!

    1. That was Christina, Oliver and Simon asking for help. Not unknown! We want to be sure Eliot heads to the right house with his organizing talents :)