Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five Things

I need to be better about keeping this updated as it's basically the Cone scrapbook and Eliot's baby book so Five Things Friday is coming.  Today is Saturday, I know but I made it, right?!

So I buy these fruit (and veggie, shhhh) pouches for E.  There are some he likes and some he doesn't.  Well, these days I hate wasting so I decided to make dots and freeze them.  I call them candy when I present them.  Just call me Depression-era Darla.

This is me getting my hair done at Dry Bar.  Have you been because  this girl's life has changed!  Thanks Rachel for treating b.t.dubs! My head looks like it's protruding out of a blanket in this pic but after it was all "did" I had a Vidal Sassoon commercial moment. 

I got washi tape for Christmas and I treated myself to the Paper Source's blank stationary and thank you stamp.  While Patrick took E to ride the trolley (starting to be a Saturday tradition), I made coffee and sat at the table in my furry, massive, obviously sexy robe and crafted.  It was THERAPY.

"Like Daddy!"  I am going to go with my imagination (and his awesome one) and assume he was reffering to Patrick getting out of the shower and putting his towel around his waist. What?!? So cute. Patrick with his towel AND Eliot with his blanket, come to think of it.

I'm in market right now and being true to TX the building and it's lovely interns serve us and the buyers bloody Mary's on Saturday morning.  And it dawns on me why they choose this day because I saw some of the people mentioned above walking in this morning, and I think most of them needed this.
Not me, says the bee because my rearend was parked on the couch last night with my friend Tiffany from LA and we were eating taco soup and catching up on the great flicks Son in Law and Princess Bride. 
I heart Pauly Shore.

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  1. catching up on some blog posts:) i like that crafting therapy you spoke of. cute cute cards