Wednesday, November 28, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Last night we went to our favorite tree farm...HOME DEPOT. There is nothing more Christmasy than a warehouse with fluorescent lighting and big orange signs. But seriously they have the best and least expensive trees in town.

Looking for the perfect tree (and honestly being more entertained by the blue twine)

After EVERYTHING (smelling trees, running around, picking out poinsettias, riding a rocking horse etc.) This was Eliot's FAVORITE part of the evening.  Whenever we say "Christmas tree" he says, "bobcat".  (I know it's a forklift but we don't want to burst his Christmas bubble)

Smelling the trees!

The "We-found-our-tree-dance".  Just imagine the Peanuts Christmas song behind this picture.


  1. lauren-
    ok we both blogged the same day with the same title - great minds think alike. and you are right- home depot and lowes have the best trees!


  2. Fun! We haven't tried a live tree yet, but I can imagine it wold be a fun traditionn:))

    1. It so is Morgan! I insisted on it as I had to grow up with a fake tree (sis had allergies). But now as I see my little boy cough his way through naps and night time we are reconsidering!