Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Pirate's Life for We

This Halloween was an absolute blast! It helped that Candis (one of our very favorite neighbors that E LOVES) hosted a little block party.  It gave us an opportunity to meet new neighbors and their kids.  Everyone's costumes were FANTASTIC!
Getting ready...reminds me of my theatre days!

 At the party there were hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls (mummies).  Eliot would sneak over to the table and grab one and just eat the bread off of it.  If I couldn't find him, I could just find a trail of uneaten hotdogs. 

images by Candis Grover
Here are some pics (above) of the neighborhood party.  We are up in the top left corner and yes, Sebastian was a shark too.
Just pretend that Eliot is laughing/smiling in this picture.

You can determine who is making this noise....
I meeeeaaaaan......what?! Cutest shark ever....
Made himself RIGHT at home on Ron and Rob's couch. 
 I'm thinking we are going to have to start our trick or treating process next year at 5pm because Eliot seems to think that we are supposed to go inside everyone's houses and hang out. 
Guess who in this picture has a cold.  I'll give you a hint.  They're not a boy. 
I love the "end of the Halloween night" face.  This is why we will take a picture of this moment every year.
Our neighbor's dog as a witch.  She was pretty scary.

Eliot's favorite part of the night? Eating a sucker and seeing everyone's doggies.  All in all it was a GREAT night!

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