Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Twister!!

So we went through some storms...some BIG storms.  Usually I do not panic during these occasions, I am from MS ya' know, but something about this one gave me the willies.  We had two big situations move through and at one point the news guy used his handy dandy computer pen and CIRCLED OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  We knew that at that point it would probably be good to get in the hallway.  Eliot was sleeping soundly through the whole ordeal and I didn't feel the need to drag him into the hallway.  If I could have seen all of this (pictured below) while it was happening I would have had him with me in the tub with a mattress over us.

this tree fell over taking the sidewalk with it
and did this...
of course all the really old trees went down..all the scrawny newbies - untouched!
view from our front yard

Eliot's window

view from our front door

Needless to say, we are safe and got a great night's sleep at the Holiday Inn Express right up the road.  Our power was out for 24 hours but I was NOT taking chances.  My heart broke and my mind was made up when Eliot woke up from a nap soaked in sweat.

p.s. Eliot slept 12 hours last night and this is what I have learned.  Baby loves his dark, cool, air conditioned room..and apparently his new pak n' play!


  1. Major yikes. I'm so glad you are all safe!!! The weather sure looked sunny and beautiful the next day (in your pics)- after causing all that damage.

  2. Wow. Thanks for posting all the pics. Those beautiful trees, & the landscape will look so different from your windows! Can't believe Eliot slept through all that, but really thankful he did! He tries to be cooperative, doesn't he? :) Thrilled y'all stayed in the hotel. I know it gave you a lift to do it. So thankful to God no one was hurt in your neighborhood.....