Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Okay....

I love the "It's Okay.." section in my Glamour magazine.  It always makes me laugh and scream THANK.YOU! So here is my version for new moms.

1. It's okay that it's 2:00 pm and you still haven't brushed your teeth, brushed your hair, showered, or changed out of your pajamas.
2. It's okay to stress out about even the most tiny details of your new little one.  It's your job and you can laugh at yourself several months from now.
3. It's okay to bore your husband/partner with talks of baby soaps, breast milk, cradle cap, and nap schedules...it makes up for him boring you with sports talk radio, the front yard's lack of water, his latest bathroom episode, and the cost of gasoline. :)
4. It's okay to sit on the couch (or stand in the shower, or eat breakfast, etc) and weep for no reason.  Sometimes it just feels good to let those hormones and tears just FLOW.
5. It's okay to resist the urge to coat everyone who comes near your baby with Lysol and Purell.  It's also okay to ask everyone to scrub their hands after they've asked to hold him/her.  Just be glad they asked...
6. It's okay for the monitor to be off and out of sight for a little bit so that you can have just 10 minutes without seeing or hearing him/her.
7. It's okay for there to be unfolded laundry, unmade beds, unwashed dishes because all you want to do is stare at the tiny miracle sleeping in your arms.

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