Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 3 Months E!

Dear Little Man,

You are three months old and can I tell you how much fun this phase of your life is??  You are grinning constantly and flashing those famous Jimmy/Patrick dimples (which will get you WHATEVER you want from WHOEVER you want).  You have laughed once while we were at a shell station in nowhere TX coming back from Annie and Granddad's.  This was hilarious because there was actually nothing funny about the heat and Mama having to sit in the back the whole way because you are just not sure about those long car rides yet.  :)
You are now sleeping through the night (THANK YOU E!) usually from 7:00/7:30 - 5:00/6:00.  Typically I can nurse you when you first wake up and you go back down for a couple of hours which I love.  Don't know how long that will last but I will take it for now.  You are OVER your cocktail and now just do better with formula as you were getting frustrated with Mama's lack-of-substance-milk.  This has made you take FABULOUS naps during the day which is greatly appreciated as I start to work a little from home.
The connection of noticing your hand grabbing objects is literally around the corner.  You were so pleasantly surprised when you were waving your arms around and kept hitting things on your bouncy chair and play mat.  Which BTW you LOVE your bouncy chair and play mat! You last much longer allowing Mama to eat and get housework done.
I have cleaned out your newborn to three months drawer in your dresser which made me very sad.  It's amazing how I kept thinking "If only he could be two months...three months..."I will STOP those thoughts because it comes way too quickly.  I was soooo sad to get rid of my favorite gowns, onesies and little pants.  You are not filling anything out per se but you are growing out of everything due to your LENGTH!
Mama and Daddy love you oodles and are exciting to introduce you to Uncle Seth and the "gret stet of Mississippi" this weekend!


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  1. Such a little man baby! Love these pics, & wish I could've heard him laugh out loud......hope he's still happy in your power outage. :/