Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Rock, AR - USA

We've been in LR since last Thursday evening and it has been a blast! I have built in babysitters that are wonderful, but I have one complaint.  They just don't seem to want to be around him that much....

We have visited Searcy where Eliot's Great Grandmama resides and we have been up to Granddad's office.  Eliot also had his first big church experience (we meet in a house on Sunday nights) and did so good!  He's having a ton of fun and so is his mama (as I get my hair done, nails done, shop Anthropologie's big sale, etc...ha!)


  1. Such sweet pictures! You're right... hopefully it will soon become evident that Jimmy and Andee are smitten!!! :)

  2. Y'all be sweet. :) We had so much fun having baby Eliot here! His room is way too quiet......