Friday, May 20, 2016

Dear Eliot: You are FIVE!

Dear Eliot,

I cannot believe I am actually typing this up as five years old just seems so big and grown up! There is such a big difference between four and five and five just SOUNDS so much older. 

You are currently very into legos, anything with an engine, puzzles, transformers, the hangman game, and your new favorite obsession is scavenger hunts.  Your favorite colors are red, orange, and black.  Your favorite foods are anything that they serve at a football stadium minus nachos.  Eating is an uphill battle but you are willing to try a bite of anything so there's that.

We love, love, love your imagination and storytelling and Daddy is thrilled that you are starting to get interested in magic tricks.  There is nothing cuter in this whole wide world than watching you make something or yourself disappear. 

You love learning and are constantly curious.  You are starting to sound words out and I'm sure you have done a lot more in school but the first word you pointed to, sounded out and got correct was FART.  School is such a great outlet for you and you strive to please your teachers and classmates.  You are gentle and sweet with others with a smidge of bossiness on the side. 

You love to be right and you LOVE to win.  Last year was a struggle with poor losing (and winning actually) but you are coming around are able to shake your opponent's hand and say "Good game".  Sorry and Candy Land can get pretty heated! Ha!

Eliot, we love your sweet spirit, your quick smile (those dimples!), your love of all things potty humor (maybe Daddy loves that trait of yours more), and your neverending curiosity.  Please don't lose any of these!!


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