Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Progressing and Reporting

Eliot has finished his school year (well, awhile ago) and I wanted to post his letter from his teachers and his "progress report".  I love that Eliot is in a day school and is learning constantly.  I also find it kind of funny that he gets "evaluated".  I'm kind of like my friend Julie and feel like if he's safe, having fun, and isn't at my ankles while I'm trying to work...we are all good here.
Regardless, it's nice to hear what others say about your child as they seem to act totally different at school then at home.  Gasp! Who would've thunk it.
I will really miss these teachers.  They were always so real with me and let me know the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We could all laugh together in the hall over things he said and did that day and it's a nice little bonding you can have with someone who deeply cares for your child.  It takes a village, folks.
Okay, so on to the progress report.  The evaluation scale goes like this:
1.  New lesson
2.  Making progress
3.  Mastered
I will point out the ones that Patrick and I noticed right off the bat and had a good chuckle over, puffed out with pride over, or thought "Whoopsie! We might need to work on that." I'll go ahead and calm some of your thoughts and say that he got A LOT of 2's as I imagine everyone did. Ha!
Communication skills (3) ...Duh.
Group Time Cooperation (3) ..This actually surprised us as he is naturally a loner. 
Manners (2)..Whoops!
Rolling a rug (3)..This is serious life application folks. 
Sorting (3)...He gets this from his Daddy.  So neat and likes things in order!
Puzzles (3)...Love!
Flower Arranging (3) ...Also serious life application.
Geometric shapes (3)...Has been enthralled with shapes since he was a baby so this was neat.
Measuring cups (1)...This equals fractions.  Bless it.  He will get a double dose of unlucky genes there.
Self Confidence (2)..He seems to think he hung the moon at our house so maybe this is good that at school he is down a peg. 
Environment, sea animals, and wild animal flash cards (3)...Daddy's influence and I LOVE it.
Painting (3)
Days of the week (2)..has to sing them. Heehee.
Works without disturbing others (2)..I always FAILED at this bc I talked too much.  I have an inkling that is not his problem.  My guess is that he's telling them how to do it.  Ha!!
Relates well to peers (3)..Honestly this is the one that I will be most concerned about all of his years in our house. 
All of this is very sweet and endearing and kind of eye opening all at once.  It reminded me and Patrick what our goals are for E and what we hope he can accomplish in his life.  I do not care if he is smart or athletic.  I do not care if he is the best or the worst at everything.  We want Eliot to love God first, be kind to EVERYONE, and it would be an added bonus if he could have some social graces in one on one and crowded room situations.  So obviously we will need to move that 2 in manners to a 3.
Oh, and he must be a good flower arranger.  So, I think we are good!

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