Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

What a fun and beautiful weekend! Thanks to the powers at be who made Easter later this year because cold, gray Easters are just not meant to be!
Below is some documentation of Eliot's third Easter.
Eliot immediately wanted to open all the candy in his Easter basket at 6:30AM so we let him have one peep.  It is the religious tradition of Christians everywhere on Easter right? Eat a peep.

So he liked it......

Dasha, at our church, is an amazing kids teacher. She taught the kids in ten minutes what I had been trying to explain to E for weeks.  Thank you Jesus for Dasha.

Here is the Easter picnic spread.  It was WONDERFUL.  We had everything from the traditional chicken salad and deviled eggs to some amazing dish from Iran.  I love my church.

Easter egg hunt!!! It is even more fun when it's just in a field and you can just throw the eggs around.  I think the American flag is a nice touch too.

Eliot was so happy with his loot.  This year was so much fun because he GOT IT.  He got it so much, he knew to shake the eggs to make sure there was something in them before picking up.  Sadly, all of his loot contained peanut butter so that was fun to explain.  Luckily, there were chocolate donuts in the picnic spread so all was fine.  Do not mess with this child and his chocolate.

And this explains Easter to our precious, sweet tooth three year old.  Hoping we can expound on this message through the year and have a deeper meaning next Easter.  Until then, this will be fine as it still mentioned Jesus. 

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