Monday, April 28, 2014

An April Weekend

This weekend was nice and relaxing.  Which is pretty rare for us, actually.  I take that back, they're typically nice but most of the time I wouldn't say they're RELAXING.  We buzz from one activity to the other and by Sunday night just feel spent.  Not this weekend.  Just a lot of hanging out in pajamas, stamping, playing, doing yard work and churchin'.
Eliot loves to stamp things and so when we had meltdown numero dos on Sunday morning, I knew it was time to ignore the laundry and play.  It was very dark and weird outside so we just stayed around and did crafts.

By late morning and afternoon it was hotter than the hinges and really really muggy (I loved it) so we decided to go to the mall and see the turtles and ducks.  But first Daddy and E had to mow the lawn.  He was so brave to do this as he typically will not go near it when it's on.  He HATES loud noises of any kind and I can't say that I blame him. 

Eliot loves to be on Patrick's shoulders but is also kind of excited/scared to be up there.  Patrick IS tall so I'm sure he feels like he is hanging out on top of a flag pole.  Therefore, he holds on for DEAR LIFE like so.  They're faces

While we are cleaning and shoving things in closets and behind closed doors getting our house ready for church we are usually pushing Eliot away and telling him to "go on".  Go play with your toys, E. What's that outside, E?  Wanna play with your trains, E? He didn't want to do anything we suggested so I decided to put him to work which is EXACTLY what he wanted to do.  Seriously.  He put the communion cups together for me and laid out the crackers.  He helped me light our candles to give the illusion of a clean, cozy abode.  And he was so very proud, and I actually felt like he helped!

Too bad this little boy is just ignored.  No one ever looks at him or talks to him or tickles him. 
Bless it.

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