Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Giving Thanks

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get out of dodge and head to MS! Especially since W. Money is on the way and I got to see my bestie and her precious family.  We seriously didn't have enough time with them and I'm hoping there will be more trips that way soon!

This little girl LOVED her some Patrick.  We decided that it was the bird's eye view she got!

I'm going to take a minute to brag because 1. It's my blog and 2. It's not my FB status.  This little guy (for whatever reason) is an amazing car traveler.  Eliot has always been an "accept your fate" kind of dude and I guess if he's strapped in the car he truly believes there are no other options but to enjoy the ride.  I'm okay with this world view at the moment, thanks.

These two made our Thanksgiving so very special! Alex and Mom had Thanksgiving "dinner" (which I forget meant lunch DOWN SOUTH and thirty minutes prior to this picture made myself a huge bowl of spaghetti) beautifully done by NOON.   Seriously don't know what our special holiday dinners would be like with out them.  Actually I do delivery.

Isn't she gorgeous??  I mean..that pumpkin pie looks amazing! ;)

Turkey coma.  Need I say more?

Lexi made Eliot's first roasted marshmallow (that I know of) and he wasn't too impressed.  I don't think he has acquired the taste for the Cantrell women's burned marshmallow yet but he will.  Oh, he will.

I guess this is the new and exciting way to celebrate family time...ha!

So hard to say goodbye to Lovey!

So easy to cheese with Pops!


This boy and his I-just-fell-off-a-turnip-truck hair cut!  The static didn't help but gave us the giggles so had to capture.
All in all, we had a great thanksgiving and as I get older it's very easy as time goes by to be more appreciative and grateful for what I have.  I am undeservedly blessed beyond measure and for that I thank God EVERY day.

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