Monday, October 14, 2013

A Weekend in October

We finally had a weekend where we had fun plans for this family of three! We were all here in Dallas (small miracle, mind you) and we relished the togetherness and parties and cool fall weather.


Friday night we all went to Twisted Root in Deep Ellum and MAN, it was good.  Eliot loved his burger and especially enjoyed this oreo shake.  I think his head was going to explode he enjoyed it so much.  We basically had the same sentiment about it.


Sweet baby girl Chloe Kiser had her tea party birthday Saturday morning and I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of it.  I got to paint all the little girls finger nails (I was in HEAVEN).  Let me just say this about the experience...watching little girls pick out their polishes (they all did multiples OF COURSE) was no different than watching adult women pick out their colors at the salon.  That was my favorite, favorite part.  Such an important, serious decision!!


I mean how cute are these??


That afternoon we had Hunter's barnyard third birthday party.  This was Eliot's first birthday party to be invited to that was from school.  It was so fun on so many levels, one being that it was someone his age that he sees a lot and he is finally understanding birthday and what that entails.  CAKE.  That's basically all he associates with birthday parties.  I can claim that, thank YOU.


Look! It's Little Sebastian from Parks and Rec!!  Eliot wasn't so sure about a horse his size but LOVED riding the big horse.  


I usually have a sharpie with me to take care of errors like this but I didn't one in my purse this time.  Saved some embarassment for Patrick, I'm sure.


BUNNY! He loved the bunnies and they did not love him back.  


This was as much bounce house as little one could handle.  Fine by me.  A bunch of chaotic, screaming, jumping kids in a confined unsteady place is not my cup of apple juice either.  Bless him.  


Yay for family time and family photos and crammed with fun weekends! I love our little unit and am so excited for all the lazy or crazy weekends we will have through the years, Lord willing. 

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