Monday, July 22, 2013


While Patrick was out changing the world one video at a time this weekend, we decided to follow him and take advantage of the hotel experience!   This little one loves his suitcase and going to the hotel.  Even though he is only 2.5 he already does the typical go-absolutely-crazy-in-a-hotel-act.  What is that??  I swear these establishments pump something in the air that makes these precious little angels go LOCO.  Regardless, it's still fun to watch him squeal and jump on the king size bed.  We'll see how I feel about this when he is twelve.



                                          "Mommy, I'm keeping the bugs out of my ears."

This is Eliot shoving his face with banana pudding at Mom's Cafe.  We got "creamed taters", fried okra, pinto beans, corn bread and of course homemade banana pudding (ah-mazing).  Another perk to this amazing establishment is that a patron picked up our tab.  In fact, he picked up everyone's tab! Four table's worth! Very inspiring and made me excited to pay it forward.

I mean.  Can't take it.

Just thought I would note this mileage marker.  Love my car!!

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