Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As I sat and watched all the coverage of the horrific damage and damaged souls literally crying for mercy so many things ran through my mind.  So many things that are not important enough to write about on here or that hasn't already been said a million times.

But one thing that I do want to call attention to is the teachers of Moore, OK. 

Story after story of teachers risking their lives to save precious little ones kept popping up.  And might I add, the same happens to be true when we have a school shooting in the news. 

These precious beings became mamas and daddies to classrooms full of children that were not their own.  But they protected them with their lives like they were.  And I know that Eliot's teacher would have done the same for him and that my friends who are teachers would have done the same for their students. 

I think know that teaching can be a very thankless job.  I don't think they get recognized or paid nearly enough for what they do for our littles just on a normal day to day basis which is a CRYING shame. 

I hope that each teacher in those demolished schools gets praised, loved, and showered with all kinds of attention.  And I want to thank all teachers out there for protecting and loving on our children.

1.  Please donate to the organization of your choice that is providing for these families and their complete and utter losses.
2.  Hug a teacher.  Any teacher.  Your child's, yours, a teacher from your past.  Find a way to thank them for all that they do. 

Tomorrow I will be saying thanks and goodbye to Eliot's current teachers as he will be moving classrooms.  I was already going to do this with great alligator tears but on May 22, several days after the devastation of Moore, it will have so much more meaning.

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  1. amen!! Could NOT agree more. Enjoying catching up on your family:)