Monday, May 13, 2013


Patrick and I had the amazing opportunity to go to California for the Pepperdine Bible Lectures.  Not only did we get to go the lectures but this gal's husband got to lead a lecture of his own.  Because it was my birthday week, Patrick planned for us to go the weekend before so that we could relax and visit old haunts.  It was a perfect getaway that was desperately needed.  Thanks, hon!

View from the top of the Grove...very close to our old apartment

Duke's in Malibu has the best Sunday brunch..EVER.  That big blob on the right? Yeah that's coconut amaretto whipped cream.  You heard me.

I mean, brunch and THIS view....sigh.

He had been waiting YEARS to go back to Machos Tacos in Los Feliz.  It was totally worth the wait.

My girls Tiffany and Meredith (we missed you Jeans!!) went with me and Patrick for some 'za to celebrate my birth.  I got carded.  Oooooooh yeeeeeeeahhhhh!

There is nothing more amazing than watching your significant other speak publicly about something they're passionate about.  This man is a very talented filmmaker and so very rooted in his faith and got to speak about both of these things and how they should WORK TOGETHER.  It was brilliant. I may have had heart palpitations, tears, and butterflies all at once.  

Two of my besties, Rachel and Julie talking about life. And what better place to do this than Zuma beach I ask you.

I didn't get to hear this girl's lecture but she works for Touch a Life and is an inspiration to me DAILY.

The most perfect birthday cake

Other notes from this trip include:

*dyed my hair for the first time EVER at the Chris McMillan salon by this girl and looooooved it.  Still do.
*Artie from Glee was on our returning flight in first class.  I think he is from the DFW area.  He was not in a wheelchair.
*Visited the rose garden on USC campus for the first time and it was gorgeous.  I typically am not a rose fan but with all the colors and smells, it was just divine.  Perfect weather always helps too.
*Patrick and I stayed in Santa Monica the first couple of days and explored Manhattan Beach while we were at it.  We tried Uncle Bill's Pancake House right after landing and it was seriously delicious.

This trip really made us miss Cali and hopefully (fingers crossed) we will be headed back some day.  

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  1. Love your pics... I still think about The Chart House dinner & sigh. I was never more proud of Patrick than the night he presented. You are a wonderful partner for him, & it was precious to see the glow in your eyes & the nod of your head as you listened to him speak.