Monday, April 1, 2013

A Medical Adventure

Last Saturday, after a lovely date night to see Mary Poppins the musical, and about two hours of sleep I was nudged by my mom to let me know that Eliot wasn't breathing properly. 
1.  Thank goodness that my mom and dad were helping watch E while I was in market and that is when all of this went down.  Without my nurse mother here this ship would have gone down.
2.  I have a child who gets sick. A lot.  And lately the sickness always turns into a nasty I'm-going-to-stay-awake-coughing-all-night episode.  The doctor would continuously tell me that it's because he is in school and that this was annoying but normal. ?!?!?!?! Annoying but normal got us an ER visit.
3.  Earlier that day, we took him to the CVS Minute Clinic because he was coughing with every breath at this point.  He was treated for broncchitis and let me say here that the nurse told me to get in to see our pediatrician ASAP.  He was admitted to Children's Hospital after our scary ER visit that same night for pneumonia.  Bless him.

Riding the bed from the ER to the hospital to his own room.  I wish I would have captured my face here because I'm pretty sure we would look like twins.

He was fascinated with his "Rudolph toe" or "flashlight toe"


His first time with Jell-o.  He found it more pertinent to "jiggle it" rather than eat it.  His Lovey totally agreed with this as she gagged every time he attempted eating it. 

Stickers saved the day..literally.  They kept him distracted from his other "stickers" on his chest and tummy and he loved that they were from the movie Cars.

A lot more relaxed in his surroundings than I was!!  Someone was getting used to the life of constant streaming of Thomas and all meals in bed.  See below.

The Prince is what we kept calling him during his stay.  I can't imagine why.

Our ride out of the hospital

Eliot was diagnosed with asthma and is on a breathing treatment twice daily.  We also can put this into place if he starts with his cough again.  So glad to have a plan!  

On a heavier note....I give a major shout out and kudos to parents who are parenting in hospital rooms.  I tried to keep my complaining to a minimum because there are some kids who are basically growing up in those fluorescent corridors.  I was frazzled, afraid, tired, grumpy, lethargic, and a HOST of other things that probably wouldn't be clean enough for this publication and I was there two days.  So, my hat is off to all those special, amazing, super hero parents. 


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