Friday, December 21, 2012

Party, Party, Party (in that order)

I'm sure for most of you, this week has been THE WEEK of holiday festivities.  I was blessed to have a party on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and woke up this morning with warm fuzzies and major dark circles under my eyes. 

Tuesday night was a girls-night-in hosted by the lovely Rachel J. which included giggling, catching up, The Holiday on in the background, chocolate goodies, soup, and not excluding champagne cocktails.  Our good (and beautiful) friend Korena made homemade marshmallows and gifted them with Starbucks' hot chocolate.  Korena, I can honestly say that 'm thrilled that I met you in 2012.  Feel free to make me your guinea pig for future DIY goodies!
Wednesday night (above) was my work party.  My boss, Greg, and his lovely wife Terri opened up their kitchen to us and invited a chef.  We were donned with aprons and put to work, mind you. I was on the salad and brussel sprout team (someone must know me and my cooking skills) and Patrick was on the ravioli (FROM SCRATCH) team.  The wine and Italian meats were aplenty and we left with full bellies and a better appreciation of the work of Italian cooking.

Thursday night was our much anticipated fourth annual Cone Christmas dinner.  This year we invited the neighbors on our street and a few friends.   I think due to the years of big city apartment living we put in, we really appreciate and dig our street and the neighbors we have on it.  The picture below is the after math from last night (no we didn't stay up to clean, the secret is out!).  The picture above is Eliot "helping Daddy" with the meal.  BTW Patrick cooks all of it.  When I say all, I mean the full Christmas spread that your Maw-Maw and Aunties make on Christmas day.  He's a superhero to me.
On another note, would it be okay for me to make E wear footie pajamas until he's ten?

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