Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here We Go

I don't know about you but I have some good juju feelings about 2013. 
There's something about a fresh new start that is so invigorating (even if by mid February it has worn out and I've said, "To heck with it!")
There are some great things coming up in this new year and here are a few:
Patrick and I plan on doing a bi-monthly date night.  It is VERY cliche but this practice kind of goes out of the window when a little tyke enters the picture.  I am excited about planning fun stuff around Dallas and will probably be taking some notes from this gal
We are taking our first just-the-three-of-us family vacation!!! Several places have been tossed up (all beaches of course) and I'm giddy thinking about it. 
Patrick has been asked by the Touch A Life crew to film for them in Ghana and I will do everything I can to go this time! I have watched all of his past footage and wept in his tiny little office and now I get to experience it in person.  I have to raise some serious cash (as I eye all of our furniture and belongings and figure out which ones would look awesome on Craig's list) but it can and will happen!  Can't wait to hug on some lovely children. 
2012 has brought some some serious ebb and flow to our church.  The last couple of months has brought some serious growth spiritually and numerically and we CANNOT WAIT to see what God does with us this year. 
I have much much more including some serious personal improvements and growth but mainly I'm excited about a new start and the land of the unknown. 
I hope everyone else feels the same!
Let's do this.

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