Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bali Eyes

Here are some tunes whilst you look at a few (I'm not going to go all Uncle Albert on you and present a  two hour vacay slide show) pics from our Bali vacation.  My phone died in Ubud (sound familiar? The "Love" location from Eat, Pray, Love) so I have no shots of that.  The ones below are from our first and last places.  
A big thanks to Patrick for planning our amazing getaway.  Everything was perfect and I can't wait to go back for our ten year anniversary! (hint, hint)
Also, thank you Taylor for getting married in Perth and asking Patrick to film your wedding.  Without you, this trip wouldn't have happened. :)

Monkey in the temple 

Our first hotel was built into the side of a cliff.  The ocean was the only view.  Darn.

Not so sure about those monkeys but looking hot in a sarong
The Kecak performers praying before show

Our place at Camptuhan which we later found out is owned by the director Rob Cohen (Fast and Furious)

The main long house where we ate dinner at night.  Mountains behind you, beach in front.  

Massage table

Another view of the long house...
**P.S. - If you, or someone you know, is about to get hitched and need a FANTASTIC honeymoon getaway suggestion let me know.  Our last place only has five buildings on site (two being the kitchen and long house) is brand new, was used and is still used in films, remote, and I can't promise this for you but we were THE ONLY GUESTS while we were there.  We found it on but I have a feeling it won't be there long or listed at that unbelievably inexpensive price for much longer either.  Oh and did I mention that the manager and cook is an Aussie chef with her own restaurant in town? Yeah.

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  1. Amazing! We would love to go to Bali, so jealous you were there! Congrats on your Anniversary!!