Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The (105 Degree) Park

Eliot and I went to the park yesterday.  He had fun exploring and crawling and walking(!).  I had fun taking way too many pictures.  


  1. I always love park pictures.... and these are especially great! The walking video is fun. Yay Eliot. Parks are much better when you can walk.

    And I see Eliot has the Cone sweat going on :) His cousin Oliver can relate all too well.

    Give him hugs from the Blues.

    1. Christina, I sincerely hope that we can visit Seattle again soon with Eliot. I know that he will love it and will love playing with the Blue boys.

      Within five minutes of being outside his little (okay, big) head is soaked. Reminds me of Jimmy!

      Love y'all.