Monday, June 11, 2012

NYC: The Trip in Pictures and a Follow Up Video

New York Trailer from Laura Michelle on Vimeo.

So here we are at DFW ready for our NYC adventure! (I'm obvi already laughing)

These two prove that blondes really do have way more fun.

Out on Friday night...

There are no words.  Except maybe "Seize the Day" and trust me, we did.

Our breakfast spot on Saturday called Local.  Spotted this lady and did everything in my power to not run up to her and ask if we could be besties.

Laura and Katelyn at the Chelsea Market

When in Rome...It's not the local favorite Sbarro, but it was alright.
Outside our dinner place for Saturday night, Fig and Olive.  It was absolutely delish and a good time was had by all..not just Katelyn.
My pictures are ridiculously out of order, however, I do not care.  This had to be thrown in as you don't see a poodle with a mohawk every day! Thanks Boston airport!
This is at our Friday night Thai restaurant Peep in Soho.  I was enthralled with the reflective ceilings and it looks like I wasn't the only one.  #we'rethesameperson
Thank you Camera + app for making it look like I know what I'm doing.
BFF 4eva 
Women be shoppin'

So not included in these pictures is all the amazing food, our cute hotel, the High Line park, Central Park loungin', The Hudson Diner for Sunday breakfast, and much more.  If you're dying to see more and I know you are, check out these ladies blogs as they will have much better pics! Laura, Katelyn, Rachel.

Thank you girls and Patrick so much for planning this great trip.  I cannot express how much fun we had.  Okay maybe I can.  We were already planning the next one in the hotel lobby Sunday afternoon whilst waiting for our cab.  Don't worry Patty Cakes.  The next place could possibly be free lodging and me thinks it'll be next year.  Key words: possibly and thinks :)


  1. I LOVE THIS AND OUR TRIP AND MOST OF ALL, YOU. (Yes, the caps were necessary.) Such a fun recap! And I laughed our loud at the last paragraph - Florida, here we come.

  2. I think Florida is possible! Great pictures LC