Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye Locks!

This is a little late but I just had to post because it's such a milestone moment.  Eliot got his hair cut.  After many hints from the mother in law, strangers asking us "her" name and how old "she" was ( I mean he wears blue, black, and gray but whatever...), and just the TEXAS HEAT, we decided it was time.  I knew I didn't want the typical first cut where it's a perfect line all the way around their head and the poor little boys look like they're ready to be a Jr. Exec of an accounting firm (no offense accountants...I envy your smarts, jobs, and paychecks.) 

So I took him to Jessica, my gem, my jewel, my Arkansan hairdresser that should be in Vogue.  Took me a long time to replace my LA hair girl and once I found Jessica at Dear Clark, I was finally done.  

His face says, "Save me."  But he decided not to cry so I (and the whole hair studio) was relieved.

E has his own reality show.  C1 Entertainment produces, directs, edits, etc.  It's totally not scripted y'all.

His first sucker as an award.  He definitely thought it was worth it.

I had to do a before and after.  It was pretty drastic!

Uncle Alex calls it the Williamsburg.  I believe there are several hipster musicians with this cut.  I act like I know what both of these things are but really I just told Jessica when to stop cutting.  Shhhhhh.


  1. he looks precious!!! i LOVE LOVE that haircut. what a great hairdresser. is she still in AR? or TX?

    1. Morgan, she lives in TX but she is from NW Arkansas and went to U of A. Her bff cuts hair at Scarlet if you're looking for someone! They are super cool.