Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Last Few Days

This past two weeks has been an adventure.  Eliot got a virus which presented itself as a bad cold and when it was lovingly passed to me, it decided to morph into something comparable to the flu.  It also worked out that by the time I was in the depths of it, Patrick was out of town for a business meeting.  I think my brain was in constant prayers of mercy mode.  And "don't die, don't die, don't die, Eliot don't touch that" mode.  

You can imagine how elated, relieved, EXCITED I was to get my husband back.  Apparently, he had a hard weekend too....

Caught red handed!!  This man would not step away from my Gatorade.

Yes, I use pink tissue in my pink bathroom.  How could you not, seriously?

At some point, I was using all of this.  This is a true statement.

One of the many talents required of a mother (especially a sick one) is creativity.  Eliot is going through an independent streak and wants to do everything HIMSELF.  I decided to make use of it and handed him a lint roller.  He's doing something "big" and my couch is getting lint rolled (which it constantly needs).  And yes, I'm sitting on the couch taking a picture of him.  In my pajamas.  At three in the afternoon.  Don't judge.


  1. Sorry you have been so sick!!! Pajamas at 3PM? You're my soul mate.

  2. Granted I was SICK. But okay, to be honest, there have been many occasions where I shower for the first time in.the.evening. Do what you do as I always say!

  3. I love you more Jeannie Beannie!!!! Get on down here to Texas and let my huzzzband cook you up something nice!