Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stamped With Love

I am obsessed with all things paper.  Wallpaper, stationary, cards, prints, letterpress, and the list goes on.  There is proof of this on Pinterest where one of my boards is labeled simply, Paper + Ink.  So when the opportunity arose to take a stamping class, I was IN.  Also it was taught by the beautiful and talented Allison Vieger so then I was DOUBLE IN.  Take a gander at my incredibly original simple designs.

This was made from rubber stamp and that little gizmo on my right is addicting.  

And THIS my lovely, was created by ink and potato (and the addicting tool)

Envelope inserts on the left and stationary on the right.  I am super proud of my leaf motif. 

Gift tags

Stickers for the envelopes

Me, Rachel (Pepps) and Mrs. V.

Thanks so much Allison for your preparation, patience, and prettiness.  It was so appreciated and now I have found a way to express myself artistically that doesn't require Mod Podge.


  1. LC- thank YOU for coming!!! i loved the way your stationery turned out! you are a natural artist. anytime you want to dork out about paper, letterpress and all things ink i'm game. and by the way i am loving the mod podge reference!!!


  2. Love this post, Else! Especially the crossed out "original" part. When's our next crafting sesh?! xo