Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Birthday Surprise

That's right! My husband, along with our fabulous friends, made this GREAT video and used it to surprise me.  I'm going to NYC with my girls!!!!! I could not have asked for a bigger surprise and a better gift.  My husband gets me.  And do not think we are going all the way there and not seeing Newsies. Just wanted to emphasize that.

Thanks to Patrick who knows me and knows how much I love this.  You are incredibly thoughtful and once again you completely topped my birthday gifts to you.  The video is also something that I will CHERISH (and watch an alarming amount of times).  

Thanks to Teebz and the girls for making this video INCREDIBLE (ly-funny) and taking the time out to do so.  GIRS!!! (there is purposefully not an L in that) Thanks so much for giving up a weekend to take this ole hag out on the BIG town.  I love you so very much.

More birthday pics and the like to come after the celebration this weekend....


  1. This is INCREDIBLE!!! I am obsessed!!!