Sunday, April 29, 2012

Neighborhood Family Meet and Greet

A couple of my neighbors and I organized a meet up in our local park. It was fabulous to find out that there are so many young families in an older neighborhood. So excited to get to know all these great couples and their kids!
The crew trying to stay in the shade

Veronica is the most loving little girl ever...she just does it professional wrestling style

I love this little girl!!

Meg (on the left) is saying "cheese" and Ruby is enjoying her antics

Ruby and Meg being introduced and they preferred the fist bump to the high five. Stop. It.

Mr Dennis with Mr. E

Princess Victoria and Princess Amity

This is how little man likes to stand.  Feet MILES apart.  And that face! So many quotes could go here...

I did not get a picture of everyone and everyone's kids as I wanted to visit (duh) and some people are creeped out by strangers snapping shots of their kids so! Maybe next time I'll be able to get all the sweet others.

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