Sunday, April 29, 2012


I know this is so late and out of order but I still wanted to document, so here goes.

My church started a Good Friday gathering this year to kick off the Easter weekend on the right foot. We met outside and and had a great talk and communion.

Pastor Charles teaching his son Ryan how to nail our burdens to the cross (figuratively and literally)

We kind of forgot to do E's Easter basket so I have to give credit to Aunt Annette for the book and Annie for the eggs.

Patrick on drum, Kyla and Josh on vocals and guitar

The message drawn out by a great artist as Charles spoke

Our first family Easter "portrait"

Me and my bestie Julie

These two!! Ha!
Easter was so so wonderful and I think it was sweeter because I'm comparing to last year.  Eliot's first Easter included Daddy in South Africa and us being so very sick.  Thank goodness Lovey and Aunt Lexi could come and be with us!

This year we got to celebrate Easter as a family unit with our amazing church family.  Patrick and I didn't know what we were looking for when we were searching for a church in Dallas but when we met Charles and Julie Kiser and listened to their vision of a new community in Dallas....we knew.  :)


  1. I wish so badly Kyle and I could find and then feel that way about a church. It's such a huge hole for us in Fayetteville right now. Such a sweet post.

  2. Me tooooo! It took us a long time but it was worth the wait. I totally understand where y'all are now and hope y'all do find something!