Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Eliot: 9 Months Old

Dear Eliot,

Whew! You are giving us an earlier bedtime each night as we.are.worn.out.  You have so much curiosity and excitement for everything around you which amps up the energy in our household ten fold.  Our favorite thing to do is watch you discover something new (whether it be a toy or typically something you are NOT supposed to discover).

  • You can now pick up food and eat it yourself but are limited to dry cereal and puffs.  We tried little pieces of banana the other day and you did not like how it felt in your fingers...oh well, maybe next week!
  • Your new favorite sound to make is "sssssssss".  You have discovered the S sound and you love it.

  • Word recognition is also getting pretty fun around here as you are starting to look around on the ground when we say Sebastian and you crane your neck to find Mama or Dada when we call out those too.  You seem to understand splash, books, shake (the rattle), puffs, eat, and milk.  We are working on "night-night" ha!
  • You are showing more of an attachment to your blankie and must have it to chew on to go to sleep.
  • You're getting a little better with texture in your food and will hopefully graduate soon to real food.  
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothing.  
  • You still are sleeping from 7/7:30pm - 7am and we still are forever grateful. Thank you.

  • Oh yeah, and you have discovered cause and effect.  Here you are waving your book towards the ground to drop it because you know Mama or Dada will pick it back up.  This game is so fun for you, not so much for the parental units.
We are having so much fun watching you experience things for the first time!   It makes us bring back our own sense of curiosity and wonder.  You are happy playing with us on the ground or alone in your pack n' play.  All around you are pretty easy except when we tell you "no".  You ARE starting to understand that word and you do not prefer it.  We love you so dearly and can't wait to introduce you to the wonderful world of Christmas!  

Dada and Mama


  1. He is SUCH a cutie! We love you, Elliot!

  2. This post is so great. This entire blog is going to be such a cool keepsake for your family, sistah.