Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Style

I am new to the wonderful world of Pinterest (or as my bestie JoErin likes to call it, The Land of Good Intentions).  It organizes my dreams, my wishes, my I-can-totally-do-thats!, my recipes, and of course my style must-haves-but-probably-won't-gets.  I can still be inspired though and dream so here's a look into my dreams for fall/winter 2011.
Hi Marsha Brady, I would like your outfit. Thanks.

Geometric anything catches my eye every time

Gotta be comfy sometimes!

I can totally rock those heels while lugging a baby and diaper bag, right? Of course, right!

So preppy, so J Crew, so loving it

Where are we going because I am packed and ready.

I cannot get enough of neutrals.

I would like her glasses and also her eyebrows please. Thanks.