Friday, October 21, 2011

Nostalgia Friday: LA Girrlllzzz

This time of year I get nostalgic for LA.  We moved there in October and immediately fell in love with the weather, of course.  I got a job at a showroom downtown and didn't immediately fall in love, but these girls (and others not pictured) made it worth it to go in every morning....seriously. 

It just so happens that I don't have to feel nostalgic for these lovelies any more because THEY'RE COMING TO DALLAS! I'm so excited to see Jeannie and Tiffany and for them to meet Eliot.  I know they also miss Dallas loads and will want to come back a lot more..right girls?

1 comment:

  1. YES! Dallas will become a regular trip JUST FOR YOU AND ELIOT! I can't wait to see you and go down memory lane...I re-live our roadtrip through Texas in my head all the time! We talked about wedding rings and ate Sonic. Ahhhhh the old days. xoxoxo