Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Eliot: Eight Months

Welcome to eight months, E!  So many changes have happened in the last month, it's crazy.  You are CRAWLING, pulling up, and my favorite...holding your arms out to be picked up.

You are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with four 7-8 oz bottles in between.  You're new favorite baby foods are corn casserole, cinnamon raisin granola, and mangos.  You seriously do not like any texture in your food, so I think we will be going from smooth baby food to table food.

You still like to know where Sebastian is at all times and will reach out to pet him when he walks by.

You have five teeth and two more (the eye teeth) coming in any day now.  You have tried tiny pieces of cornbread (hated it), tortilla (liked it) and graham cracker (loved it). 

You are babbling a LOT and your new favorite letter is G. 
I love you so much and am so grateful for your healthy, precious little self.  You bring so much fun to our house and we love you for it. 


  1. Too cute this one! He's gotten so tall! Can't wait to hear more about this crawling.

  2. Can't wait to see him crawling---or, ANYthing he's up to! Darling pics, & would love to have been there when y'all went to the Arboretum. Know it was a wonderful every pic!!