Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Destin-ation

Jimmy and Andee were so sweet to invite us to Destin for a little vacay.  It was great to get to introduce Eliot to the beach as it's our favorite place on Earth.  It was also great to see how much Destin had changed since we got married there in '04.  The place that we stood and exchanged vows was under water, however the sand and water were still Caribbean-esque and PERFECT!

Destin Pointe

My sweet, beautiful husband

the house across the street

pina colada...yes, please

what beats baby feet?...sandy baby feet

sweet baby in his cabana

the view from our little spot on the beach


the best babysitter ever!

on our way to our rehearsal dinner spot

We thought we pulled up to the wrong place!

Our rehearsal dinner spot had been blown away in a hurricane and this was the new restaurant and inn.

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  1. Loved seeing pics of the 'new' Beach Walk cafe. Not so much the pic of me reaching in to play with Eliot in his cabana....... :) I love that baby so much so I can't be too upset.