Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a surreal/nostalgic moment on Mother's Day. 

When Patrick and I first starting dating, he had a David Gray album in his car most of the time.  We would drive aimlessly around Searcy (if you went to Harding don't act like you didn't do the same!) listening to music and taking advantage of Sonic's happy hour.  Those were the days!! 

So fast forward ten years and I'm sitting on our couch that is covered with Sebastian's hair, nursing Eliot, listening to none other than this David Gray song on Patrick's ipod. 

(please feel free to listen to the words and let your life be changed...also if you're single you should walk down the aisle to this..just sayin')
Have you ever had that "full circle" feeling? Well, I did.  I felt a crushing sense of nostalgia and gratitude. 
For even though those were beautiful carefree days of rolling the windows down, anticipating a stolen kiss, and my biggest worry being a Textiles test..I wouldn't trade these times for anything.  

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  1. Cool post.......you'll have more & more of those moments as life goes on. Love the pic.