Thursday, May 5, 2011

29 And Lookin' Fiiiiine!

Not really.  I just wanted something that rhymed.  I look like I've been run over by a truck most days and smell like it too. Ha! 

I've been kind of glum about this year being my last 20 something birthday.  I was reminded by a friend, however, that I could "check" a lot of things off that SHE wish that she had already accomplished and hadn't.  So here is my "list" of the amazing things that I can be thankful for that happened in my 20's.

-I turned 20 in Australia (right before jet setting to Fiji..I know, those were the days)

-I graduated college and married at 22 (I thought I was so grown up and now I look at the pictures and think BABES!)

-Lived in Orlando and Los Angeles (made some AMAZING friends!!)

-Worked for a well known showroom in LA
-traveled back to Australia
-worked for the most horrible little troll that treated me like crap...learned the most about myself in that sitch.
-saw the Grand Canyon, Seattle, Southern California

-traveled to Europe for the first time!!! Yay Italy and its wonderful food.

-celebrated 7 wedding anniversaries
-one of which was celebrated in Costa Rica (PLEASE take me back)

-invited another little human being into my family unit.  Have you met him, yet? No? His name is Eliot.

Have you done this?? Made a list of all the things you've done in the last 10 years? I could add a lot more but that would seem like bragging.  This is actually very humbling and I suggest you try it!  We are all SO BLESSED!


  1. Your 20's were great, but so will your 30's be, too. It is what you make of it, & you are a person who seeks God & His Ways, so you'll be FINE through all the decades to come! Having said that, just enjoy year 29. Soak it up, & love the ones you're with!

  2. YAY! I love this post, especially because Summer and I made it ;)! Such a good idea! Hope to meet the little one soon! <3