Saturday, January 8, 2011

Belly Music

I've tried to think of different ways to let Patrick feel involved in this pregnancy process (besides running out late at night for banana pudding runs).  So we decided to have him pick out some music for the little one to be introduced to. 


Patrick picked great songs and recorded the whole thing for a future baby doc.  The baby reacted to each song but was especially moved by Jimmy Buffet and Janes Addiction.  Ha!

Now he will be picking out the soundtrack for the baby's birth.  Apparently you can play your own music in the delivery room and I know he will pick some great ones!  I'll post the songs he picks shortly.


  1. ummmm... THAT might just be the cutest thing I've ever heard!!!

  2. You couldn't have picked anything he'd like better than teaching his son what music is best to listen to. :) Of course, SOME day son will make a little fun of Dad's music, but "it's just all part of it". :) Can't wait to come to the shower!!