Thursday, January 6, 2011

32 Week Appt and Sonogram

I had my 32 week appointment today which included a sonogram..possibly the last one.  I had Patrick and camera in tow (so glad I married a documentarian) and we had a blast.  I cannot say enough how much we love our doctor and just chatting with her.  She puts all of our anxieties in the palm of her hand and then blows them out of the window!  So here is what we found out and below are the pictures:

1.  His head and weight are in the 58 % per centile (all this jargon is so silly to me but it basically means he's average)
2.  His femur bone measured a little longer than average so they think he will be long/tall.  JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!
3.  His weight is 4.5 lbs and he SHOULD double in the next 8 weeks.  I'll let you do that math.
4.  Still projected to come at the end of February but she will let me go a week after that so we could be looking at a March baby. 
5.  Everything with this mama looks good! No high blood pressure, on target weight gain, and all the fluids and gook around the baby are normal.

 He's looking right at you!

 Yep, he is still a boy.  Picture him sitting on a glass table top.
Profile shot

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  1. The sonograms today are so great! He is SO very sweet, & we're excited to meet him in person! Thanks for letting us be a part of all that's happening to you. Love our grandson's mama & daddy!