Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This little precious boy jumping into Patrick's arms is named Emmanuel.  The last time Patrick saw him he was shivering violently on a fishing boat on Lake Volta in Ghana.  He was bought from his mother as a toddler into the slave trade on the lake.  You can imagine Patrick's emotion to go from that sight to a healthy little boy giggling and jumping around!

This boy has been prayed for since Patrick first saw him on the lake and God in his usual way amplified his answer ten times over.  Not only was he saved from the lake but a couple from Oklahoma (after lots of red tape!) have taken Emmanuel into their home.  He will be loved in his new home and surrounded by a community that has been waiting to embrace him for a long time.  God is good!


  1. SOOO SWEET!!! I bet that was a very emotional moment. It's reassuring to see such obvious evidence of answered prayers...

  2. ISN'T IT??? (sweet and reassuring)