Sunday, October 10, 2010

20 Down, 20 To Go!!

This is what the baby is up to according to Parent Center:

Your baby has established sleep patterns akin to a newborn now. Many babies even have a favorite sleep position already. Some snooze with their chins resting on their chests, while others nap with their head flung back. Many babies at this age fall into noticeable cycles of sleep and activity, so you may know before she arrives whether you have a night owl or an early bird.

From this point forward, your baby will put most of her energy into gaining weight and, not coincidentally, so will you! Right now your baby weighs approximately 10½ ounces and is about 6½ inches long, about the size of a can of Red Bull (which has way too much caffeine for a pregnant woman to be drinking). 

I still feel great and am anticipating our gender reveal party next Friday!! I'm dropping the sono off at the bakery and they will kindly make either dark chocolate dipped strawberry or vanilla (dyed blue) cake balls.  Patrick and I will bite into them and we'll all find out if this kiddo will be peeing standing up or sitting down! :)


  1. How exciting!!! I hope the little lump is a good sleeper- even while growing! BTW- do you have a midwife, birthing center, hospital (is there anything else?)...? I'm curious.

  2. I have a hospital called Medical City in Dallas and after going through one other doctor finally found MINE. She is amaaaaaaazing and is now delivering my friend's baby too. I intend to use all drugs necessary and so I will definitely need a hospital. I guess I should have considered Patrick's fear and disgust with these wonderful establishments but I figured since I was the one birthing this baby that I would make the decision where! :)

  3. When I go to the grocery store in a bit, I'll look at the Red Bull cans again, & try to picture Baby Cone that size. I, too, hope Baby is developing good naptimes, & fairly-quickly all night sleep right now! There are ways to help him/her along though, when he/she arrives.

    Cannot wait to find out whether he's a she or truly a he. :) Have fun getting ready for the 'coming out' party!

  4. From your mouth to God's ears!! I hope that they're a good sleeper too.

  5. Can't wait to hear what little baby Cone is!! :)